just a short one

Warning for explicit sexual, petplay, and begging

"H-aah~" Edd let out a shaky, desperate breath as Eduardo pushed it a bit deeper. The poor thing could hardly even hold himself up, arms quivering. He could feel it vibrating inside of him, it was so overwhelmingly pleasurable and he was so so close but it wasn't enough to push him over the edge. It was like torture, Eduardo knew exactly what he was doing.
"P- ah~ please~" Edd breathed looking at his partner, tears welled up in his eyes threatening to fall. He wasn't aloud to touch himself, but he just needed Eduardo to touch him so bad, anything. The taller male clicked his tongue, smirking at the brunet. He placed a kiss on the back of Edd's shoulder, still holding the tail. He pressed it just a bit further so it was now vibrating against the submissive's prostate. He practically collapses in on himself, his arms giving out as he face planted into the covers, giving a muffled scream of pleasure. "Please what kitty?~" He said in deep, husky tone. Edd didn't respond for a second, He tried but couldn't properly form the words. It was so difficult trying to get used to it. He let out a shaky little breath before lifting his face letting his cheek rest against the blanket "Please t-touch me?" He tried his very best to keep his voice steady.
Eduardo was just adoring this. He decided not to be too mean. He let go of the toy leaving it to rest against Edd's sweet spot. "You want me to touch you here?~" He said softly, gently taking the smaller males drooling cock into his hand. Edd nodding frantically, giving the other a desperate look. He once again hid his face in the covers, letting out lots of little moans and whimpers as his partner played with his dick, grabbing at the blankets. He tried backing into the vibrations, as if that would do anything. Eduardo let out a breath, taking in the sight before him. "Go ahead, cum for me, I wanna hear you screaming my name~" Edd could feel the fire pooling in his stomach, letting out little whine as he squeezed his eyes shut. Tears were rolling down face at this point, making a wet spot on his partners bed. He arched his back as he climaxed, gasping out Eduardo's name as he did so, moaning loudly. His legs were twitching and shaking, his face and arms down leaving his ass up. The taller male took his hand back, giving his partner a moment to breath. Edd couldn't even properly recover with the vibrator still on and so deep inside of him. Eduardo realized his sub was still squirming a bit, giving small moans. He took out the toy hearing a small breath of relief.