Warning for explicit sexual content, semi public sex, and risk

Matt and Edd had finally gotten to a comfortable position they would be able to stay in for the duration of the movie, Edd seated in Matt's lap with said ginger having his legs crossed and the blanket wrapped around them both. The movie had just started, insane zombie pirates from hell 5, Tord sitting comfortably on the ground in front of the coffee table and Tom in the armchair. Everything seemed normal enough, just a typical movie night. At least that's how it started. Edd leaned back a bit against Matt's chest and the other wrapped his arms around Edd's waist to hold him close, leaning down to rest his head on Edd's shoulder.
Edd's Pov I crossed my legs as he pulled me little closer by wrapping his arms around my waist. This is nice, really warm. He let out a breath a placed a kiss against the crook of my neck making me shudder a bit, holding in a giggle. He smiled a little and did it a few more times and at first I thought he was just being sweet and affectionate, but underneath the blanket his hands started doing things. I'm not entirely certain what he's doing, if he tries to tickle me I'll be mad. It didn't seem like he was gonna though so it's ok. He started kissing my neck a little more rough, starting to leave shallow hickies instead of just smooches, and he- well he didn't really push me at all, he more guided me to uncross my legs so he could have me spread them a bit. H-he doesn't actually wanna do this here right? Right now??? I felt my cheeks starting to heat up. The others are right there- DUDE TORD IS LIKE FIVE FEET AWAY FROM US! There's no way I'd be able to keep quiet enough, we're just gonna get in trouble-
My thoughts suddenly halted as he bit down just above my collar bone. I inhaled sharply, sitting up a little bit. He smirked and stopped for a second, once again just resting his head on my shoulder. Tom shot me a glance, raising an eyebrow. I swallowed and pretended to not know what he meant. Though I'm a bit worried the color of my face may have given it away that something had happened. After a second or so he shrugged and turned his attention back to the movie. I let out a small sigh of relief, leaning back into Matt a bit.
He chuckled softly sending shivers down my spine "You gotta keep it down baby~" He purred, moving his hand between my legs as he started rubbing my crotch. I couldn't help but squirm a little, I can feel myself getting hard, and he for sure noticed. "Awe, love your legs are shaking, does this feel good?~" He teased quietly as he unbuttoned my pants. I just let out a small whimper, nodding a bit. In all honesty I'm just a little impressed with how quiet I've been and opening my mouth at all seems like a bad plan.
He took out my member and started gently stroking it. I grabbed his arm and berried my face and in his shoulder. This is so difficult, I'm hardly even cutting it, little whimpers and breaths keep slipping out, any louder and we would for sure get caught... in a weird way this is kind of exciting. I-I just mean like, y'know, doing such lewd things with the others right there and they don't even know, the risk of it all is so thrilling. I had both my arms wrapped around one of his, the one that was now teasing the head of my cock with his thumb as he kept stroking me. It's like he wants us to get caught, he knows too much more and I won't be able to think straight any longer, let alone control how much noise I'm making.
I bit down on the fabric of his overcoat, he might complain about that later but I'd much rather deal with that then deal with Tom's bullshit if he finds out. I can feel a pool of heat building up in the pit in my stomach. I tugged at his sleeve twice to let him know. He started going a little faster, using his free hand to hold my hips in place. I berried my face harder into him, hurting my nose a little. I don't care, his hand feels so good, I feel like I'm gonna burst. I held onto his arm as tight as I could and let out a muffled moan as I climaxed in his hand. Thankfully that part of the movie is pretty intense so it just looked like I got scared and hid my face. I heard Tord chuckle, likely rolling his eyes at my reaction. God... just as good as always. So so good. I pulled my face out of the fabric to look up at him as the high started to wear off, a bit of drool connecting my mouth to the jacket. I need a second to breath.
He just looked back down at me for a moment, his cheeks going a light shade of red as his eyes traced my features. I could feel his hard on poking me through his jeans. "You've been so nice and good for me, I think I'll give you a special reward~" he said very softly, making it look like was comforting me. I felt my face go red as I stared at him. Matt just loves pushing all my buttons, bastard. He slipped the blanket off of himself and wrapped it around me before standing up with me in his arms. "We're gonna turn in early, ok?" Tom and Tord nodded, Tom not even bothering to look away from the screen. "Cool" Matt mumbled before carrying me up to his room. It's probably gonna be a long night.