Take it

Warning for explicit sexual content, double penatraition, praise, dirty talk, and overstimulation

Tord continued to thrust into the brunnet on his lap despite him climaxing in Tom's mouth only moments ago, mumbling quiet praise and complements, some in Norwegian. Edd was still sensitive from his orgasm, thighs quivering as he screwed his eyes shut. Tom leaned forward, spreading Edd's legs a little further.
Tord realized what the demon was doing and slowed down to make things easier. "You think he'll be able to take it all?" He asked. Tom hesitated for a moment, thinking. He looked into the eyes of the now slightly confused brunnet. "You remember the safe word right?" he asked softly. Edd nodded slowly, still no clue what Tom was doing. Tom nodded back once and looked back at Tord again "He'll be ok."
Edd's confusion stoped abruptly when Tom lifted his legs a little and angled himself at Edd's hole. The coke addict gasped softly before pressing his lips together as tight as he could so no noise would get out as Tom pushed in.
Tom let out a small shakey sigh as the wonderful heat enveloped his aching member. Edd was softly panting at this point, trying his best to get used to the stretch, and it was a lot. Tom was a little bit bigger than Tord, and both of them together was so much.
"Are you alright min kjærlighet?" Tord asked softly, running his fingers up the under side of Edd's thighs. Edd swallowed, letting out a tiny breath after. "Y-yeah, I feel so full." He said softly, his voice audibly quivering.
Tom chuckled softly and pressed a kiss to his temple. "Your doing so good, taking it so well for us~" He purred against Edd's ear. The shorter man shuddered, taking a second to indulge in Tord's mouth against his neck, teeth grazing his skin.
They gave him a little bit to adjust before they started moving. Edd was moaning and gasping for air right away. Tom gave long, hard thrust that were slowly getting faster while Tord was already plowing into him.
He couldn't help squirming, the different paces constantly pounding his insides was almost impossible to get used to. Edd was drooling, heavily panting between breathy yelps and moans. Tom started stroking his cock as he went even harder and that when the brunnet came for the second time, giving a gorgeous scream as he did so.
He would have expected them to stop or at least slow down for a moment, but that didn't happen. It was quickly becoming to much. "W-wai- AH!~" He was cut off as Tord harshly pressed against his prostate.
He continued to hit the spot over and over, making Edd scream. Tom leaned back a bit to take in the sight before him, Edd practically in tears while Tord sucked hickeys into his neck to muffle his own noises. Absolutely beautiful. He and his boyfriends rarely got to spend time like this all together, so they made sure to make the most of it when they did.
Edd chocked out a dry sob, he would have bucked his hips if Tom wasn't holding them in place. "H-HARDER!~" He begged before pretty much throwing his head back as he got what he wanted almost instantly. That was the third time. Tord came deep inside him as well at some point, face buried deep in the crook of his neck, cursing under his breath.
Tom used one of his fingers to tilt the norks head back up so he could see his face. His face flushed, eyes blurry and unfocused. Tom kissed him deeply, much to his delight.
Tord started thrusting again once he could properly think. The feeling returning so suddenly made Edd gasp sharply, climaxing a fourth time. It was becoming so much, to much.
That searing hot pleasure now mixed with a slowly worsening pain. It was so overwhelming, he tried to speak but all that came out were little gasps and yelps as they continued.
Tom pulled away from the kiss to let Tord breath, a thin string of saliva still connecting their mouths. He looked to Edd and saw his expression.
After a moment of consideration, he placed gentle kisses up Edd's jawline to his ear. Edd shuddered at the sensation, enjoying it quite a bit.
"I just wanna see that beautiful face you make one more time~" he made sure to whisper, knowing Edd likes it so much "Then you can be all done, can you do that for me?~"
Edd just nodded, he would have said something but he didn't trust his voice at the moment. Tom smirked a little. "That's a good boy~" he punctuated his sentence with a hard thrust to his prostate earning a heavy moan.
He continued peppering little kisses all over Edd's neck and shoulders as he started going even harder. Tord was gently nibbling his ear, saying quiet, sweet things about how well he was doing or how pretty he looked.
Edd was already so over sensitive and all of it at once was just way to much. He came relatively quickly, all over Tord's hand that had been playing with his dick. Said man licked his hand clean while the smaller leaned back against his chest, sweaty and exhausted.
Tom smiled a little and gave Edd a gentle kiss as he pulled out. Edd fell asleep pretty quickly after that, he would definitely need their help walking for a little while.
While he had passed out Tord sucked Tom off since he hadn't gotten to cum yet. It was pretty quick considering how close he had been before.