unexpected results

Warning for explicit sexual content and threesomees

Tom took yet another sharp breath, lightly pulling Edd's dark brown locks as the brunet took in more of Tom's member into his mouth, nearly gagging. That and Matt slowly pushing into him had him practically seeing stars. He leaned back against Matt's shoulder "Fuck-" he breathed, covering his eyes.
Matt had his hand on the demons side, keeping his on his lap. His other hand was on top of Tom's that was resting on Edd's head, gently guiding the artist's movements. After a few moments he started moving, letting Tom stabilize himself so he could thrust up into him, making it easier for Edd to continue his work than it would be if he had Tom ride him. Speaking of which Tom was very much struggling to keep a level head with the amount of pleasure he was getting from both sides. There were constant quiet, breathy moans, his partners names occasionally laced in. This isn't at all what he had in mind when he had agreed to this. Matt shoved him down a bit that time, making it go even deeper than it had. Tom jolted, quickly using the hand that was over his mouth to grab a hold of Matt's hand as he gasped deeply.
Matt smirked a bit, doing it again earning a heavy moan out of the bassist. Then suddenly Edd pulled off, coughing and leaning down a bit. Matt was a bit confused at first, worried even. Then he realized Tom had just climaxed in the shorter males mouth without warning. Tom felt a little bad, leaning forward a bit and putting his hand on Edd's cheek to have him look at Tom. "Fuck, sorry, you ok?" "Yeah, I-I'm fine" the brit responded softly, wiping some drool from his chin. "He's earned a reward as well, don't you think?~" Matt asked softly as he glanced at Tom for a moment, though it was obviously rhetorical Tom still nodded a little bit. Edd blushed a bit, still on his knees looking up at the other two.
Matt had Tom get off his lap and lay down on the bed then positioned Edd just above the eyeless male's cock. Meanwhile, he had Tom's legs in his hands and his member sat deep inside the brit. He didn't move just yet though, he wanted to wait until Edd had gotten situated. Speaking of which, the brunette was slowly lowering himself onto Tom's dick, taking deep raspy breathes as he did so. Matt softly kissed his neck and shoulder in an attempt to comfort him. It seemed to be helping a bit. After a few more moments Edd started to bounce on the shaft. The room was quickly filled with little gasps and moans from both Tom and Edd. Tom a bit more so than usual since he was still a bit sensitive from climaxing just minutes ago. That was all the ginger needed to start thrusting again, that just contributed to the bass player's inability to keep quiet. Tom was practically a whimpering mess, one hand on Edd's hip and with the other he covered his face with his arm. His whole face was a deep scarlet.
Edd sort of took the opportunity to let his hands wander over Tom's stomach and chest. He's never see3n the black eyed male in such a disheveled state, he had to admit it he looked pretty adorable. Matt used one of his large hands to rub Edd's side, gently guiding him up and down. "T-tom!~" The brunette choked out between breathy moans. Matt kept kissing his neck, whispering quiet praise into his ear. Tom had completely lost himself in the pleasure, now begging for Matt to go harder. The knot in his stomach was so unbelievably tight, the others could tell it would likely snap any moment. The ginger started going deeper, making sure to press into Tom's sweet spot as much as possible. The submissive was a mess, panting and squirming slightly, now bucking his hips up into the smaller male riding him, making Edd yelp.
Tom came dep inside Edd, causing the smaller brit to climax as well with a loud, high pitched moan. Matt was close too, he wasn't finished though. He started going even harder, mildly over stimulating the man beneath him. I the meantime Edd got off, pressing a gentle kiss to Tom's cheek and got into the comfortable covers, not even worried about possibly staining the sheets. He was too tired. After a few particularly deep thrusts Matt pulled out as he came. He gave himself a few moments to breath before getting into bed himself, quickly joined by Tom. Edd cuddled up the the demon, resting his head on Tom's shoulder as Matt pulled them both closer so he could hold them. They all just feel asleep relatively fast, Edd being the last out.