Warning for explicit sexual content

After saying goodbye to Mark I opened the door and locked it behind me. Tord and Edd said they probably wouldn't be back until pretty late, and it's only like 5 in the afternoon.
I was on the stairs up to my room when I heard a quiet gasp. It had come from Tom's room. Then another "F-fuck~" I realized what it was he was doing, a light blush coming to my cheeks. I should just let him be, maybe put some music on.
He's either just jerking off or he's got someone over. I couldn't help a slight pang of jealousy. Probably not, Tom hates almost everyone when he meets them, so I sincerely doubt it. But hey, maybe he just found someone special or that he likes. Well, that just frustrated me more.
While I was walking down the hallway at the top of the stairs to my room I had to pass Tom's door. I slowed for a moment to acknowledge how amazing Tom's voice is. I guess it makes sense since he likes singing but I mean really, he sounds just incredible. That's when I heard something that stopped all train of thought.
"F-fuck~ Matt-" He breathed heavily.
No One's Pov
Tom moved to cover his mouth, his face going red. He didn't mean to be so loud with that last one, he knew it didn't matter but he still didn't like it.
He had gotten a little bit carried away, his mind all foggy. He had one hand on his leaking member and the other was currently being moved back under his shirt to gently tug at the piercings on his nipples. He took a sharp breath, his voice slightly horse.
He had been imaging it was a certain gingers mouth in place of his hand. Then the door opened, making him jolt, ripping him back to reality. His face was a deep red and he immediately pulled his knees against his chest. "Matt???" He questioned, he would have been getting really mad if it was anyone else, but he was to focused on how vulnerable he was and who it was too.
"You've been saying my name a lot today haven't you?" Matt said as he closed the door, locking it and walking over to the bed "If you wanted me to touch you, you should've said something, I'd be more than happy to help you with your little problem~"
Tom was speechless. He tried to speak but nothing came out, his whole mind was just blank. Matt chuckled softly as he got on the bed putting his arms on either side of Tom. That's when Tom realized if he wanted to be in control of this situation he might not have another chance.
He grabbed the colar Matt's over coat and pulled him into a deep kiss. The ginger smirked into the kiss, not to concerned. He puled Tom a little closer as the shorter man became less tense, no longer scrunching up his legs.
He placed his hands on Matt's shoulders, the idea was to gently push him onto his back and saddle his waist. Matt had other plans though, he let Tom put his legs around his waist but had him completely wrap them around and he grabbed Tom's hips and pressed him against the bed, breaking the kiss.
By the time Tom could wrap his mind around what had happened, Matt was completely on top of him and had him pressing his back against the pillows on the bed. Matt let out a breathy chuckle and leaned down a bit to place some kisses on Tom's neck.
Said man let out a rough breath, moving his hands to be loosely around Matt's neck. He couldn't believe he was doing this. He tried to convince himself it was just because of how desperate he was to finish, or just because of who it was. He kept telling himself he would never let himself get dominated outside of this situation.
Meanwhile Matt had untied the drawstring for Tom's sweat pants, letting them fall lose around his waist. He moved away from Tom's neck and put his hands firmly on the demon hips so he could set Tom on his lap, facing away from him.
Tom shuddered as Matt's cold hands moved under his shirt. Tom leaned back against his chest, swallowing heavily. He heard Matt give a soft gasp as his fingers reached Tom's bud and the piercing. "I didn't know you had these" Matt commented as he lifted Tom's shirt up with one hand and used the other to continue toying with the ring.
Tom gasped sharply and bit his lip to stifle a groan as Matt gently pulled at the metal. Matt cocked an eyebrow and looked at Tom's face, now smirking. "Oh? Are these sensitive?~" He asked softly, resisting the urge to laugh at Tom's reaction. "That's why you got them pierced isn't it? Do you like to pull on these while you touch yourself?~" He asked keeping his eyes glued on Tom's face.
Tom felt like he was drowning, it was as if he was trying his very best to hold a huge pile together, and everything Matt said just added more things for him to balance. "I-I-" He was cut off by yet another gasp as Matt used one of his long nails to tug on it while he was trying to explain himself. The demon was moments away from losing his composure he was so desperately holding onto.
Matt noticed the was the bulge in Tom's sweatpants twitched, desperate for some kind of attention. The ginger felt a slight pang of guilt, he had been teasing him quite a bit. His hand holding Tom's shirt up brought it a bit higher, almost to said man's lips. "Hold this?" He requested softly, for Tom to quickly and willing hold the fabric between his teeth, glad to have something to muffle any noises that would slip out.
Matt used his now free hand to gently trace down Tom's stomach, hardly actually touching him at all. The shorter man shivered at the goosebumps that followed the feather light touch. He all to eagerly spread his legs a little further, mentally cursing himself as his blush got several shades darker, but he didn't close his legs.
Matt chuckled softly and slipped his hand past the waistline of the checkered sweatpants. He pulled it down a bit and watched Tom's expression as his dick hit the cold air off the room. He gently ran his fingers up the underside of his cock, watching in amusement at the way it twitched again, pre oozing from the flushed tip.
He teased the head as he started stroking it. Tom squirmed, a small muffled gasp being heard. He could feel Matt's hard on poking him, Tom knew he wanted it too, so why wouldn't he just stop teasing him? Tom was getting desperate, he had been so close before Matt interrupted him, and the one thing Tom wasn't good at was patience.
He let out a small muffled groan, leaning back on Matt's shoulder to look at him. Matt smirked a little to himself and moved Tom off his lap and pulled his shirt over his head. Once Tom was on his back again the vampire also removed his own tops, then his jeans. Tom's 'eyes' wondered over the ginger's newly exposed skin, his cheeks turning a bright pink. Matt leaned in a little, still smirking "If you like it so much you should take a picture~"
Tom instinctively scoffed, averting his eyes, not that you could tell. Matt chuckled softly and placed a kiss on Tom's nose as he pulled down said man's pants. He watched in amusement as Tom crinkled his nose and blushed at the simple affection, still looking away. Matt did honest find it really cute, he would have stayed right there and given him kisses all over just to see his reactions, but there were more important matters at hand.
"Do you have any lube?" he asked, mentally crossing his fingers. He really didn't wanna have to go to his room. He didn't wanna have to let go of the warmth of the other man. Tom nodded a little and gestured to the night stand since he couldn't exactly sit up and get it himself with Matt practically on top of him.
The younger reached forward and opened up the drawer, pulling out a relatively small bottle of lubricant. "Spread your legs for me?~" he asked softly. Tom did as he was asked, honestly a little bit nervous. He knew prep was important and absolutely necessary. He had just never been on the bottom before, and he'd never had something inside him. What he couldn't take it? What if he had to tell Matt he wanted to stop because it was to much for him. He really didn't wanna stop though.
His buzzing thoughts were cut short when Matt pressed one of his fingers against Tom's hole. He hardly applied any pressure at first, slowly pushing in, carefully watching Tom's face for any kind of regret or hesitation. Thankfully it didn't seem like there was. The new feeling would definitely take some getting used to, but the first finger didn't hurt.
It felt odd, and he felt really vulnerable, but he kind of didn't mind. Matt looked back up and in to Tom's eyes "You feel ok?" He asked, he knew the answer but he wanted to be sure. Tom nodded a little "y-yeah, it feels a little weird, you can keep going" with that confirmation Matt sunk his finger further.
Tom made another noise, his hips twitching just a bit. Matt stopped, raising an eyebrow. He would've loved to just plow his lover into the mattress, but he wanted to be careful since Tom had never been on this side of things before. "I'm f-fine, just keep going" Tom breathed.
Matt added another finger, only making it harder for Tom to keep quiet. He let out a shaky breath as he leaned his head back, sort of not wanting Matt to see how much he was enjoying this.
Matt smirked a little as he started pressing more against Tom's walls, looking for his prostate. Now that he was comfortable Matt could focus on making him feel good while he prepped him, and he knew very well where to look. The gingers eyes flicked up to Tom's face as he pressed down in the spot, hardly stifling a smirk as he watched the other's reaction.
Tom jolted quickly covering his mouth with his hand as he cursed loudly, only a little muffled. "FUCK!~" He stayed quite for a moment after that, Matt having the decency to not do it again for the time being. His face was so hot he thought it may melt. His brain was so full of thoughts but shock and the burning desire for more had them all silenced.
Grinning lightly, the vampire curled his fingers, harshly pressing three digits against Tom's sweet spot. "MHN!~" Tom moaned out, now biting his hand, his other arm had gone around Matt's neck and tangled his fingers in the orange locks. He didn't even know when Matt added another finger.
The brit was a mess, unsuccessfully trying his hardest to keep quiet while Matt thrust his fingers in and out. It had started to sting a bit but Tom hardly even noticed. "M-matt, c'mon" He was trying to complain but it came out more desperate than anything. Matt was absolutely delighted at the state of his partner "I didn't hear a please~"
Tom let out a loud groan and covered his face, mostly to hide how red it was. he leaned head back a bit "MAAATT" He huffed, obviously frustrated. Matt clicked his tongue, shaking his head just a bit, even though he knew Tom couldn't see. Tom moved so he was only covering his eyes, giving a small, defeated breath. "Please...?"
Matt grinned and pressed a few light kisses to Tom's neck "See? Was that really so hard?~" He teased as he reopened the lube, putting a generous amount of lube on his member as he kicked off his underwear. He would have pushed it farther, but he was admittedly pretty excited. Tom huffed a bit, he was glaring at the top corner of the room. His face and ears burned beat red.
Matt smiled a little and kissed Tom's cheek one more time, softly mumbling "so handsome" making sure Tom could hear. He felt his heart flutter as Tom's blush only got darker and he scrunched his neck a bit. Matt kinda wanted to kiss him again, but he thought putting it off any longer after making Tom ask like that was probably not a good idea. So he took both Tom's legs in his hands, grabbing his thighs and having him spread them enough "You ready?"
Tom quickly nodded looking up at him once he realized what he meant. The ginger pushed in, letting out a soft breath as he did so. He used one hand to grip the sheet as he took a deep breath before letting his eyes meet Tom's. The brit seemed to be having a pretty similar reaction.
Tom made a small noise as Matt pushed in, feeling weirdly full. It was so strange, and it was so much bigger than Matt's fingers. The demon tried to focus on keeping his breathing steady. Matt was a little worried about him at first, but the dollop of precum that had just spilled onto Tom's stomach made it pretty clear he was enjoying himself. He still wasn't gonna start until Tom gave him the ok though. In all honesty he was having a hard time staying level headed with how hot and tight Tom was, it was obvious this was a first for him and it felt so good around Matt.
Tom gathered his courage and looked into Matt's deep blue eyes "You c-can move" He said with a light nod, doing his best to keep his voice steady. Matt started with long, hard thrusts. Almost immediately the room was full of heavy breaths and small moans from both men. "Ma-matt~ fuck, harder" Tom requested, having trouble keeping his eyes open.
The dominant complied, delighted to pick up the pace. He was immediately being a lot more rough, moving his hands to hold Tom's legs a little higher, almost picking his bottom half off the bed. Tom flinched hard, gasping as Matt thrust in. He was an absolute mess, constantly huffing and gasping, occasionally mumbling breathy, half baked sentences full of swears and little moans, one arm draped lazily over his eyes, the other griping the dark blue sheet tight. Suddenly he let out a sharp gasp, nearly arching his back "MATT!~ F-FUCK RIGHT THERE PLEASE!~"
Matt started going as hard as he could, hitting that spot over and over, panting heavily, quiet moans every time he thrust into the tight heat, his eyes fixated on Tom's face, cheeks flushed a deep red. Matt thought he looked just gorgeous. "Shit- Matt I'm close, Jesus Christ I'm so close please don't stop-" Tom breathed, letting his head fall back a little.
If you had come to him this morning and told him that in just a few hours he would be begging for his housemate to fuck him, in all honesty he probably would have laughed at you. Matt let out a breath and smiled down at him before leaning in a bit "Go ahead love, I wanna hear you scream for me~" he said softly before placing a kiss just below Tom's ear.
Tom shivered a little at the tone of Matt's voice, his face heating up just a bit. The taller thrusted in a few more times, making sure to aim for Tom's sweet spot, pushing him over the edge. Tom came with a sharp gasp and a breathy moan of Matt's name. Said man pulled him a little closer and started thrusting harder as he sat up a bit, panting pretty heavily at this point.
After a few particularly hard thrust he pulled out and came on the blanket and a bit on Tom's leg, letting out a raspy moan. They both took a few moments to catch their breath before collecting themselves enough to clean up. Matt did most of it since Tom was pratty exhausted, he even got another blanket from the closet in the hallway. He gave Tom some paper towels to clean up the load on his stomach, served with a kiss to his forehead forcing Tom to try and hide a tired smile.
Once he was finally able he flopped down onto the bed and pulled the other male into a hug so he could cuddle him, also pulling up the covers. Tom was a bit reluctant but soon melted into the vampire's arms. "I get to be on top next time" Tom grumbled, already half asleep. Matt smirked and glanced down at him "Next time?" It took Tom a few moments to fully process what he just said, blushing a bit once it hit. "Yeah, next time." He tried to sound as casual as he could. The ginger smiled a little more, reaching down to hold one of Tom's hands "sounds good to me"